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TRI-VORTEX SRL is the single distributor in Romania of the products treated using the revolutionary Tri-Vortex technology.

Our site, Tri-Vortex Romania, is an almost perfect copy of the South-African site because we consider that the information of primordial importance for mankind must be accessible to a number as large as possible of people who are looking for viable solutions for their health.

The products treated using this technology have beneficial properties for any living organism with which it is in direct contact or closely near. This is valid also for the fluids or solids that are placed on the Tri-Vortex disks or plates.

The results obtained in other countries where people could benefit from these products are eloquent, and in this respect I can say with full responsibility that as far as I am concerned the Tri-Vortex products have had the effect specified by the South-African producer in the documentation included on this site.

I invite you to benefit from the Tri-Vortex technology.

The companies that intend to sell the products as authorised dealers of TRI-VORTEX SRL can contact us directly for details regarding cooperation conditions and discounts.

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