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Tri-Vortex - A Look at Water - The Miracle Liquid
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Our Body & Water
What is Water?
Water is NOT... Good for You if it Contains
Sources of Water
Water Storage

Water has Consciousness and Intelligence
Pure Water is Pure Health
Caffeine and Aspartame
Life Giving Functions of Water
Long Term Hydration Management






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Mainly water


Main blood component

Life fluid and nutrient conveyor
Our growing physical vehicle
Intellect, creativity, behaviour
Fluid processors and purifiers

Prime movers of the body

Metabolism regulator

Structural support system
Basis of growth and development

Our abode on earth

PART OF BODY                               APROX. % WATER                         COMMENTS
Our Body & Water
Our bodies contain roughly 45 Litres of water, and on average we consume about 2.5l per day:

In view of the above figures, it is imperative that we sit up and take note!

In other words, our body comprises 73% WATER and NOT 73%
• Coffee
• Tea
• Alcohol
• Cold Drinks
• Juice
• Supplements
• Pharmaceuticals
• Fast Food

What is Water?

Water is the major constituent of ALL organic life
    Planet = 70%
   Body = 70%
    All life as we know it – flowing as Sap, Lymph or Blood

Second to breath, water is the most important physical requirement for our bodies. It is NOT just HO, and even as HO it consists of many different forms. Water reacts in various ways and has different properties if exposed to:
    Sunlight, Temperature, Movement

Water has physical and energetic properties, can be:
    ALIVE or less alive
    Mature or immature

Water is a universal solvent and is an extremely important commodity – for all natural life processes, and comes from different sources – springs, rivers, dams, etc. Water is the paramount vehicle for delivering life sustaining nutrients and eliminating waste and toxins.

Has intelligence / consciousness!

Water is NOT... Good for You if it Contains

• Water is not good for you if it contains:
    Chlorine – (How long before YOU are sterile? Like the cigarette & bullet scenario)
   Fluoride or other added sterilisers
    Surfactants or other added chemicals
    • Effluents and waste

• Water is not taken seriously as a living life essential
• Water is not a just chemical compound of Hydrogen & Oxygen
• Water is not lifeless and inorganic
Water not consumed NEARLY enough!!

Sources of Water


Meteoric (rainwater)

Juvenile (immature):
Geysers deep down
Surface water (dams, rivers, reservoirs)
Some wells
Seepage-spring water

True spring water
Emerges @ 4degC 

Artesian water
Boreholes, etc. 

Purest water, contains no other elements

Contains some atmospheric gases

Contains few mineral or trace elements

Contains some mineral & salts accumulated by soil contact

Contains a greater qty of minerals

Contains a greater qty of minerals
High in dissolved carbons and minerals (please don’t be fooled by a label on a bottle)
Deep lying water that may be fresh or saline and can contain a variety of dissolved elements and gasses Variable









         WATER TYPE                                     DESCRIPTION                                  QUALITY
Water has a much greater value than just..
• Using it to wash our cars
• or flushing our toilets!

Water Storage

The conditions under which to keep water:
• In the dark and as cold as possible – at 4C
• In Glass, Wood or earthenware egg-shaped containers, very few plastics (PET) are
   suitable for containing water in, but if you have to, as short a duration as possible -
   rather avoid them.

• Keep drinking water away from:
    • Direct sunlight
    • Long storage periods
    • Straight pipes
    • Ferrous metals
    • Solvents, chemicals, surfactants
    • Electromagnetic equipment & apparatus


All photographs of water courtesy of Dr Masaru Emoto's book: The Hidden Messages in Water

The distilled water pictured above was the source for the other photos on this page. The water was first frozen (in all cases, including the distilled water base above), and the resulting crystals were then photographed with a high powered microscopic camera.

The distilled water was placed into various glass bottles and had the following labels pasted on them facing inwards for 24 hours, the water was frozen and the crystals then photographed.




The distilled source water (refer 1st Photograph) was again placed into glass bottles, and had music played to it for a number of hours, frozen and the resulting crystals were photographed as below.

In another exercise polluted dam water was divided equally into glass containers, the first was frozen and photographed 'as is'. The second container, with the original polluted water, was given to priests to pray over, it too was frozen and then photographed - forming absolutely perfect crystals.
As a Man Thinketh - So it is Unto Him ...

Pure Water is Pure Health
     Your Health, Energy & Vitality is as pure and potent as the WATER you drink!

Water has magical curative properties (Refer  - From Dr Batmanghelidj)

For many years, medical science has made false assumptions about water and its
physiological role ie:
   Dry mouth is the only indicator of thirst
    Water has no direct metabolic input and the body is regulated by solutes
    Water regulatory mechanisms are efficient throughout a person's lifespan
    All fluids can replace the water needs in the body (beverages are NOT water)

As a result of these incomplete theories & assumptions, we have created a sick care system rather than a health care system – we labeled lack of water as diseased conditions.

Caffeine & Aspartame

Caffeine dehydrates (200ml intake leads to 240ml water output) & inhibits the brain enzyme PDE (phosphodiesterase) – this enzyme is needed to expand memory.

Aspartame, is found in diet cold drinks, and usually any form of artificial sweetner, plus 5000 other recipes! It leads to false hunger, and is one of the main culprits of brain tumours and siezures.

An Aspartame byproduct is methyl alcohol & formaldehyde (10%), which leads to optic nerve damage and subsequently, visual impairment. There are many more medical complications that have arisen from Aspartame than mentioned above.


Life Giving Functions of Water

Water has an incredible life giving effect – water crossing cell membranes creates energy for ATP synthesis via the cation pumps within the cells and is the bonding material in the cell membrane.

Water produces a high heat of activation when passing through the cell membrane, this causes the trapping and binding of calcium atoms (like in a kettle). The body also knows how to separate these calcium molecules and release ATP energy in the calcium bonding. Bones are a primary source of energy – in dehydration, the body will unlock this energy and then a person loses bone density, which is called osteoporosis.

The energy giving process of hydrolysis requires water, otherwise food has no energy value whatsoever. water hydrates the bilayer membrane which allows feedback mechanisms - this is important in the control of hormones and physiological activity.

The Two Oceans of Water in Our Body:
The ocean inside the cells which is controlled by water and the ocean outside the cells, which is controlled by salt. These oceans always need to be kept in balance to avoid disease.

When in a state of dehydration/disease, the interior of the cells contracts and the exterior of the cells expands. In old age the ratio of water inside of the cells to outside the cells drops to about 0.8 - this is as opposed to a ratio of 1.1 in childhood!

Three Ways of Water Delivery to Cells:
Water is delivered in three vital ways to our cells:
• Diffusion into the cell membrane
• Reverse osmosis - which is the filtration and injection by vasopressin
• Osmotic movement - which is triggered by glucose and amino acids through the action
   of insulin.

In Dehydration:
The most important amino acids are used as antioxidants as there is a lack of water to neutralise an dispose of toxins (thus causing their depletion). Examples of these amino acids: Tryptophan, Tyrosine, Cysteine, Histidine, Methionine. They neutralise acidity and eliminate molecular waste

Dehydration is revealed and handled in various ways by the body - through perceptive feelings, like tiredness, feeling flushed, irritability, anxiousness, depression, cravings, etc., rationing of water in the body (controlled by the brain) and disease complications in the body.

Indirect signs of dehydration could be - old age Diabetes (Maturity onset diabetes - Type II), asthma (in children the lung cartilage tissue is not firm yet and incidence is high), autoimmune diseases, hypertension (reverse osmosis vs diffusion), constipation / colitis, etc.

Emergency signs of dehydration are; early morning sickness, heartburn or dyspepsia,
migraine, back pain, rheumatoid joint pain, colitis, leg pain, fibromyalgia, anginal pain

Acidity damages DNA, the acid converts prekallikrein to kinin = pain producer, therefore
dehydration & long term pain killers result in cancer.

Dehydration and Cancer:
Cancer cells are primitive cells – they are genetically selfish & have reduced integration of activity. Cancer cells don’t require much oxygen – Oxygen can kill these cells – the best way to get oxygen to the cells is by water intake.

Some of the causes of cancer which are directly related to dehydration:
• DNA damage – due to acidity
• Immune system damage & suppression
• Reduced DNA repair capability
• Cortisone release causes interleuken release which effects the immune system

Here is How Much Water We Lose Daily...
Breathing alone is +/- 800ml, then there is perspiration …  urine … bowel movements ….

So, how much should we be drinking?

Intake of Water:
We need free water to perform new functions:
Fresh water for fresh activity – ie drink water hr before eating – refer also water intake recommendations.

Long Term Hydration Management

•  Adults – Drink 12 glasses per day OR approx 1.5L per 50kg body weight - per day: 
•  Drink the best water available or at least filter the tap water and then treat with
a Tri-Vortex disc.
•  Drink 2 glasses of water hr before meals (this provides free water for digestion).
•  Have very little or none, for 2hrs after meals.
•  Drink 2 glasses of water & a pinch of sea salt before going to sleep,
and 3 glasses of water upon waking.
•  Drink freely between these periods.
•  If water intake has been low (normally in the elderly), increase amount slowly until
urinary excretion roughly matches intake.
•  Remember to drink water in the winter as this is when most people become ill.

•  Use teaspoon of unprocessed sea salt without iodine or additives, per liter of water.
•  Use this same seal salt for cooking and on food.
•  If food already contains salt, reduce this amount accordingly.
•  Do not add salt to water as the taste can be a deterrent from drinking
sufficient amounts of water.

Please note:
If you suffer from hypertension or are being treated for any other disease, consult your physician before starting a rigorous intake of water and salt.
Daily exercise:
• Insures blood circulation from the lower extremities
• Calf muscles are a pump in the venous system
• Lets the lymph flow
• Burns up nuisance amino acids which compete with vital amino acids
• You breathe out more carbon dioxide which makes the system more alkaline
• Have lots of green vegetables and fruit – it helps make the body alkaline
    (Refer “Alkalize or Die” book for comprehensive dietary information on Acid and alkaline foods.)
• Avoid these acid forming foods – Meat, sugar, white rice, white flour, dairy

• Sodas (fizzy cool drinks), tea, coffee, alcohol & caffeine in products
• Diet, or any products containing artificial sweeteners

• It is vital for Nerve cell communications - cation exchange via Na/K pump
• Expands the volume of water outside the cells
• Clears the lungs of mucus plugs and sticky phlegm - (asthma, emphysema, cystic
• Will help clear persistent dry coughs
• Prevents muscle cramps – inc heart muscle
• It makes the bones firm
• Salt makes you sleep better
• It takes the acidity out of cells – including brain cells (salty CSF)
• It balances blood sugar (sugar is increased to osmotically draw water out of cells and
    give it to the brain)
• It helps in the hydroelectric mechanism of energy production
• It is essential for food & mineral absorption – low salt intake leads to mineral
    deficiencies such as Zinc, Magnesium and Selenium…
• Salt helps in bladder control – it helps the smooth muscle become stronger
• It helps keep the lubrication in the joints – (arthritis ..)
• Sea salt contains about 80 mineral elements that the body needs – Not table salt
    (only NaCl & Al silicate !)

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A Look at Water - The Miracle Liquid
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