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Tri-Vortex Technology has been introducing Animal Husbandry products into the market and receiving exceptional feed-back from the farms and the individuals who have experienced the results first-hand.

Excerpt from C. Tomlinson testimonial re Artificial Insemination of his Heifers:

"We have had them all ultra-sounded, of the 286, 259 of the heifers that had the straws placed on the Tri-Vortex disc are certified in calf. = 90.5%
Of the 329 that were NOT placed on the disc, only 219 were certified in calf. = 66.5%
Now I don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out what this means. For instance, had I used the disc on all of them I would have got an extra 78 calves."

We have had wonderful reports from trainers, owners and vets alike. Comments and observations have been around the improved general well being and performance of their animals, after following our protocols.
Applications in Animal Husbandry:
Tri-Vortex Technology enhanced products create:

- the best hydration at a cellular level
- increase OXYGEN concentration and coherence at a cellular level
ANY animal will have better health and an improved performance
- with NO steroids or hormones

Research Article on the Importance of Hydration
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Dairy Industry:
Tri-Vortex products are currently being utilised in two areas of application in the Dairy industry – those of Artificial Insemination and milk production.
• Artificial Insemination (AI)

From testimonials and other confirmations in the South African Dairy Industry, we have seen that there has been a MARKED increase in the confirmed rates of pregnancies in the cows that have been inseminated – using the Tri-Vortex Dairy Protocol and our New Product the Tri-Vortex-treated Thawing Plunger. 
Farmers who have been using our Tri-Vortex Thawing Plunger and slightly altering their existing insemination techniques, have seen an improvement of between 30% and 40% over and above their previous results.
This improvement translates into the farmer having:

• A sizable savings in cost, specifically in terms of purchased bull semen.

Additional calves equals additional profits
The results have been of such great interest, that Dr. Cliff Lamb (USA) is proceeding with a scientific analysis on the effectiveness of using Tri-Vortex treated products in the Dairy Industry.

He has observed the improved results on work that has been done with bull semen and has proceeded with his own work on embryos - which are flushed from superior animals and implanted into other cows.

This University study under the auspices of Dr. Lamb, will allow the evaluation of all these facets in the breeding of cattle, which in turn can be implemented with other farm animals, being pigs, horses, sheep and goats, etc. Obviously this intense research will take a certain amount of time to produce, but Dr Lamb is looking to release his results in his publication, toward the end of 2007 / 2008.

Research Article on the Tri-Vortex Technology
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Milk Production

Following our recommended Dairy Protocol, a much higher milk production was achieved (12% - 20%) - results will soon be published.
The first recommendation is that ALL drinking water for Dairy Cows must be filtered. Water is VITAL to the well-being and proper cellular hydration of the animal. We have noted that chlorinated drinking water causes cancer and depletes Vitamin E in humans - these are known facts very conveniently ignored by the authorities.
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If the effects of chlorine are causing negative physical effects in humans, then these negative effects are far greater in animals.
Filtering and then structuring the water with a 90mm (or 180mm) Tri-Vortex discs, will ensure that:
• the animal is properly hydrated
• has an improved immune system
• has improved health and consequently will present with less mastitis and foot-rot,  something that all dairy farmers across the globe will welcome - and something we should all insist upon.
At present, the majority of dairy farmers are using BST, as an hormonal stimulant to induce increased lactation in Dairy Cows, thus ensuring a higher milk production. As a direct result of this practice and increased physical stress on the cows themselves, inter-calving periods, life expectancy and the number of lactations are reduced.

With Tri-Vortex products and protocols, we are hoping to make a hugely positive and beneficial contribution in all these areas
With the use of Tri-Vortex treated equipment, we are advocating (and have already received successful results) the following:

Filtering the drinking water fed to dairy animals
• Structuring of this filtered water with a 90/180mm Tri-Vortex Disc, placed permanently in the water trough for improved hydration
• Cows to wear Tri-Vortex treated polyester Webbing Collars with Bovine Discs -
to induce greater health
• Goats to wear galvanised chain collars, with Tri-Vortex treated Identification Tags - to induce greater health
These bovine collars are easily removable and will be available in 7 different colours - thereby affording the farmer easy identification of the different herds:

• Identification of cows which are in different stages of their lactation cycles, or
• identification of herds based on their milk production.
The collars, neck chains and water discs need to be returned annually to the Tri-Vortex factory for re-treatmentand hence ensuring the best effectiveness of our products.
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Tri-Vortex has received wonderful reports from trainers, owners and vets alike, whom have observed the improvement of the general well being and performance of their animals in this industry, even noting that race horses are showing a tendency to have that 'extra to give' that was lacking before the implementation of the Tri-Vortex Protocols.  (Click here for the Equine Protocol Information)
Equine Industry:
Grooms have noted that the horses' coats have improved and they are drinking more water.

Vets have commented on the overall health of the animals and consistency of fluids from joints, which has been vastly different from their previous observations.

Riders have seen improved performances from their horses participating in show jumping and cross country. 

For our recommended protocols, we insist that ALL the drinking water for the horses must be filtered. In humans, we have seen that the chlorinated drinking water causes cancer and depletes Vitamin E - these are known facts very conveniently ignored by the authorities. This filtered water is then fed to the horses in clean buckets or containers, that have either a 90mm, or a 180mm, Tri-Vortex disc in the container to aid in structuring it. (Click here for the Equine Protocol Information)
Research Article on the Tri-Vortex Technology
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We have also Tri-Vortex treated halters, bits and other odds and ends for the comfort of the horses - and noted improvements. This experience has prompted Horseland (an industry-related manufacturer) to making a range of sensational new accessories for horses - from silk lined blankets to various leather fittings, including straps to be used on injured joints and hoofs, etc.

For the Equine Protocol Document
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• Achievements

Production of a more beneficial, additive-free milk is a major benefit, over the next couple of years, the consumer and buying houses will insist on organically produced milk and products - Woolworths are already insisting on chemical and hormone free milk.

With the vast experience and wonderful results we have had from all over the world with Tri-Vortex products, we are expecting to achieve the following in the dairy industry:

• Increased production of milk NATURALLY (preliminary results show at least 12-20% increase in production without BST!)

• Healthier animals with an improved immune system - proper cellular hydration is vital to the health of any animal.

• The reproduction stimulation of cows will be enhanced, which will help with inter-calving periods and more importantly, improvement of fertility

• A major reduction of foot-rot due to improved blood circulation and the animal's general health. (If used in conjunction with EM in the milking parlor, a much speedier result will be obtained.)

• A reduction in mastitis can be achieved naturally, with NO additional chemicals or hormones required - thus producing a more beneficial quality of milk.

• Cows will be less physically stressed - thus less by-product stress factors in the milk that our children are brought up on.

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A prematurely born kid with a 50/50 chance of survival, was placed on a Tri-Vortex Plate,
with bottled milk from his mother, within a couple of hours he could lift his head.
We will keep you posted on his story - refer Testimonials.
Thank you to Ben and his love for his animals.
Tel: +40 727 22 14 64  |  Fax: +40 314 18 32 92
E-mail: contact@trivortex.ro
Bd.Uverturii 16, sector 6, Bucuresti
CP 16-182, Romania
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