Tri-Vortex - Using the Products for Pain Relief
When the molecules in human cells are in a chaotic state, the person experiences fatigue, low energy, soreness and most of all pain. When the atoms and molecules in human cells are in an ordered and coherent state, the person has energy, vitality, balance and very little pain.

The powerful properties of the Tri-Vortex products create flowing molecular structure - so any liquid, or solid body, will perform at the maximum positive potential within a few hours.

The Tri-Vortex products create coherent structure in the molecules of human, animal and plant cells. Since 1990 multitudes of testimonial letters submitted by laymen, doctors, sports trainers and various health care professionals show the effectiveness of this unique technology. Many clients and patients have reported fast relief from discomfort, soreness, swelling and pain related to:
•  For general effect, wear the disc around your neck - on a chain, or a chord. The disk can be removed when pain or discomfort has eased. However, if needed, the disc can be worn permanently with no side effects. The disk offers protection from cell phones and computer radiation by reversing the chaotic effects in the body.
(Many women prefer to place the disc in their bra - on their left hand side.)

• Arthritis
• Asthma
• Backaches
• Bone Fractures
• Bruises
• Burns
• Cancer
• Carpal Tunnel
• Common Cold
• And many More!
• Dental Surgery
• Diabetes
• Eye Injuries
• Fibromyalgia
• Flu Symptoms
• Gout
• Headaches
• Herpes
• Jet Lag
• Over Exertion
• Stomach Ulcers
• Swollen Joints
• Surgery
• Tendonitis
• Tooth Ache
• Torn Muscles
• Twisted Joints
• Wounds/Cuts
Tri-Vortex - Disc: Recommendations for Personal Use
•  For more specific relief, place the disc as close to the problem area as possible, eg: foot, knee, hip, hand, elbow, back, stomach, shoulder, neck, etc – you can use lint, or strapping and paper tape - to place it in your underwear, or clothing.

•  The disc can safely be used for pets and other animals.

Treat your drinking water by placing the disc directly under your glass, or container, for approx 3 minutes – some people place a disc permanently in their water dispenser (it is always advisable to clean the disk thoroughly before placing the disc into any liquids). This treated water is beneficial to your health.

• Place all drinks, fruit, dairy products etc. on the disc - it will last a little longer and taste better.

• Place the disc directly in your bath water – it makes the water softer and is beneficial for dry and itchy skin conditions – you will also use less soap.

• It is not advisable to share your disk with others, but if it is necessary, please cleanse the disk thoroughly before passing it on.

• There are numerous Tri-Vortex products which are used for pain relief.

• For best results, the products should be used in conjunction with proper bodily hydration - ask your supplier for details on recommended daily water and salt intake, or information on hydration

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