Tri-Vortex - Improving Drinking Water
A Blessing for Our Drinking Water by Anton Ungerer
With scientific research and development since 1989, a Californian inventor has made dramatic discoveries relating to the elements on the periodic table in the form of acoustic applications - these discoveries have major benefits to all biological life forms. The nature of these discoveries have resulted in amazing products, most of which can be used for the vital structuring of drinking water.

The consciousness of water and the importance of superior quality drinking water (structured water) were highlighted in Health Encounters’ August issue. Although there are a few fortunate people using impressive structures and sacred geometry to infuse life force back into water, this is neither accessible to, nor practical for everyone. The miracle of Tri-Vortex technology, using advanced scientific and acoustic discoveries, now makes superior water available to everyone.

The phenomenon of water structure related to water quality has been clearly shown by a famous Japanese researcher Dr Masaru Emoto. In short, Emoto has taken photographs of the crystalline structure of water that has been frozen. His work has been with water samples taken from many worldwide locations and distilled water subjected to various external stimuli as depicted below:

Science tells us that approximately 73% of our bodies consist of water – the questions must then surely be:
What is the quality of the water we drink and nourish our bodies with?
Does this water have structure or is it dead?

We are now well aware that chlorinated water presents a major health risk – findings from the 1930’s have repeatedly shown that chlorine causes cancer, and yet we still chlorinate and fluoridate our drinking water. For those of us who can afford it, we now filter our drinking water thinking that we are finally drinking “good” quality water. What most people don’t understand is that this filtered water is still dead or unstructured.

In the universe, in nature and in our bodies, systems only function normally when there is structure. For optimal hydration at cellular level in the body, it is desirable to present cells with structured water – chaotic water is not easily absorbed via the phosphorous sheath in the “membrane” surrounding the cells and hence can not support optimal hydration of the cells.

Tap water is devoid of structure and looks mostly similar to the picture on the right – dead. For the body to function at its peak it is not only important to drink enough water – that being 1.5litres per 50kg body weight per adult daily, it is also vital that this water be of good quality and structure.

Sadly, when companies send their water for testing and approval, all that is analysed are the chemical and bacterial constituents of the water. As a human being, whether you are alive or dead, you still have exactly the same chemical constituents – and we all know that the difference between life and death is VAST! The simple truth is that this is also the case with WATER – dead or alive, the differences are vast and these differences have major consequences to our health! So, when next you look at the label on a bottle of water, please remember that it tells you very little about what you are about to drink.

For us to realise the importance of superior structured water and the role it plays in our health, we need to look at the LIFE GIVING functions of water –

•  Water has a life giving effect when crossing cell membranes.
•  Hydrolysis is an energy giving process and food has no energy value without water.

Unintentional dehydration is one of the major problems facing society today. Medical science is using the wrong indicators to identify dehydration in the body. As a result of false assumptions, we have labeled lack of water as DISEASED CONDITIONS. Symptomatically, dehydration in the body will reveal itself in many clinical ways – in all, it has been shown that over 90 different disease conditions have their roots in dehydration. To name a few: tiredness, depression, cravings, old age diabetes, asthma, autoimmune diseases, hypertension, constipation, colitis, early morning sickness, heartburn or dyspepsia, migraine, back pain, rheumatoid joint pain and cancer.

For a more personal understanding of dehydration you should become alert to the colour of your urine. Light colour of urine means good hydration. Yellow urine means slowly establishing dehydration. Dark yellow to orange urine means the body is in serious trouble.

When we eventually realise that increased water intake, not beverage intake, is crucial to correct hydration levels, and therefore our health, the next obvious decision is to ensure we drink the best quality water available.

This is where cutting edge technology steps in and offers a hand…. With simple and inexpensive Tri-Vortex products you can now treat your “filtered” water for best results. At a molecular level Tri-Vortex products create structure in water – this structured water is conducive to proper cellular hydration and hence good health.

Elemental H20 introduced this technology into South Africa some four years ago and the results have been extraordinary. Thousands of people in South Africa have already experienced the benefits of this technology - evident in their ever increasing testimonials. From the pictures below, we can see the effect of this technology on “dead” water:

On the right,
a rose was placed in plain distilled water – dying after 3 days. 

On the left,
a rose that was placed in the same distilled water – but, before the rose was placed in this water, the water was left standing open to de-gas for 24 hours and placed on a Tri-Vortex disc – the rose was still looking good after 13 days!

Surely this picture speaks a thousand words and shows the importance of structure in water.

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Test  it out HERE & NOW for yourself.

The photo on the left
shows water with a superior crystalline structure - indicating purity and quality.  

The photo on the right
is that of contaminated water – devoid of any
structure and chaotic

All photographs of water courtesy of Dr Masaru Emoto's book: The Hidden Messages in Water
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